Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Green Prints.

Hi Ladies :) !

How are ya ? Hope everything is okay ! Today is such a chilled wendsday to me . I love the weather not so cold . Today i got this fit to go to the movie theaters . I didnt know what to wear , what i did know was that i wanted to wear the new print blazer i got , i automatically felt in love with the prints ( of course im such a leopard/animal lover ) and aswell the color . FALL colors ! It has about 2 different greens and a khaki green color with black . I didnt wanna add much details to the outfit , i wanted to keep it simple and cool Since i already had prints on the blazer . Well it was a movie night for me .

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Blazer : H&M
Pants : H&M
Top : Regular Forever21 Tank Top 
Earrings : Forever21
Heels : Forever21

* i wanna say im sorry for not posting my outfits and activities for about a week and so , ive been so busy fixing my apartment and other personal things , so much going on in such a little amount of time and so much more things TO DO lol . Theres so many new outfits i got many , ideas and tons of new surprises and even a quick get away coming REAL soon :) . Vacation ? Yes finally . This is the time i start traveling even thoe i traveled about 4 times already this year lol well im Supppppppppper ! Happy and excited . 

Later <3
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Friday, October 4, 2013

TGIF leopard .

Hi lovers ,
Yes The weekend is here ! TGIF because is my favorite of the week . Tonight I'm heading with my lover to eat and bar hopping , its our anni 4years 8months . Im the number one biggest fan of anything that has leopard , cheetah or lion prints !!!! 100% lover and it makes it even better that I'm a LEO (rawr) one thing thats for sure, is that Leopard prints are always in . I saw these pants and i thought they were ok , because i have a pair similar to them However, being the animal print collector that I am, I decided to try them on.The result was I look fabulous. It hugs and fits me in just the right places, You will never go wrong with a leopard print outfit .
Great fit , Has quality material and very comfortable . And the heels? I instantly felt in love with these, they were only 40$ bucks ! Oh how i love finding fashion on low prices . I added the leather jacket to give it a sort of night look before heading out.

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Jacket : Mossimo
Top : American Apparel 
Pants : Forever21
Heels : Forever21
Earrings :Forever21

Thats all my loves , enjoy this friday the weather is beautiful be safe Thanks for viewing kisses & hugs


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hello again !
How are you guys ? I hope everything is well . Today i feel so devilish lol . I have 3 different types of reds dark , regular & soft .
I honestly didn't know what to wear with these pants only color i wanted  my top to be was white , since i wanted my prints to stand out . I didnt wanna put a dark blouse since the trousers have red , black and blue already . I wore a white blouse so the pants could stand out and since I've been wearing white heels lately , i didn't wanna do white heels again .i wanted to switch it up a bit , so i added black heels to my outfit . The blouse is a bit loose at the bottom but sort if tight at the top , it also has a zipper in between . i love how i can either close the whole blouse and not wear a necklace or open it a bit and show some skin and put on a necklace . Very casual outfit .

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Blouse : Mossimo

Trousers : Merona

Heels : H&M (not in stock)

Necklace : Here

Bag : Here

Nails : Here

I will style the top open aswell with a necklace .

Oh and Don't forget to put that pinky pink to support breast cancer awareness which it started oct 1s ladies .

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