Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Skin Arm

Hello again :)
I had so much fun wearing this outfit ! Not only because i got so many compliments on it but because i actually felt like a living reptile (lol)
The top is pretty heavy since it has all the detail in leather but is comfortable . I had 2 choices , leather skirt or leather pants but i went with the skirt since i was going out for drinks . The skirt has a zipper in and was suppose to be in the front wore it backwards , still fits the same . i  I paired it with my new red stevemadeen heels . They are so comfortable i had no problems walking in them all night.

I completely love everything about this . So much fun for the night .

Get the look
Top:   Shoproxx Also available in white
Skirt: Shoproxx
Heels: Stevemadden
Earings: shoproxx
Hair : Made my me ! A braided high bun .

Thanks for stoping by till next time xoxo


  1. Very stylish!

  2. that top just made me die and go to heaven! you look gorg. xo